The „BPS C2“system is efficient in its most compact form and is available in up to three configurations. There are many different sorting options in the output sections, such as by denomination, orientation or quality and, if necessary, casino tickets. In addition, best-in-class sensors guarantee maximum reliability for banknote authentication and quality determination. For these reasons, the BPS C2 system is the best choice of high-performance for commercial banks, retailers, cash-in-transit companies and casinos.


      • Up to 1,050 BN/min

BN input:

      • Capacity for up to 900 loose banknotes, depending of their quality

Number of adaptations:

      • Up to 10 possible adaptations

BN output:

      • Up to 4 output compartments (depending on configuration) + reject compartment
      • Output compartments  up to  250 banknotes
      • Maximum number of banknotes per output compartment freely configurable
      • Reject compartment capacity: up to 100 banknotes

Power supply:

      • 100-240V, 50/60 Hz

Ambient requirements:

      Ambient temperature: 15 – 35°C


    • Height: 510 – 740 mm (depending on configuration)
    • Width: 330 mm
    • Length: 430 mm


    • 27– 36 kg (depending on configuration)

    BN formats accepted:

    • Width: 60 – 90 mm
    • Length: 100 – 181 mm

    Processing speed:

    • Singling speed: up to 17,5 BN/s

    Data interfaces:

    • LAN/WAN (TCP/IP)
    • USB hub with 4 ports (USB)
    • Interfaces to cash center/vault management systems and to central computer
    • Remote service


    • CE  labelling
    • CB – certified


      Palemono g. 2A, LT-52191, Kaunas, LIETUVA