Banks, cash-in-transit companies, retailers and casinos need to meet extremely demanding requirements in banknote processing

BPS C1 banknote counting system well suited to cash desk areas or bank offices of banks, as well as to cash centers and casinos. 

The „BPS C2“system is efficient in its most compact form and is available in up to three configurations. There

BPS C5 banknote counting and sorting system, meets all the requirements of commercial and central banks, cash centers, cash-in transit companies,

The „BPS C6“ system provides that critical head start where medium to large banknote volumes need to be processed in demanding heavy duty operation.

ES 3001 automated electronic safe is designed for indoor installation with a purpose to optimize the personnel work with the cash.

With the BPM M5, G&D has developed a modular system for banknote processing that is ideally suited to the requirements of major cash centres in the commercial sector, providing commercial banks, security transport companies and casinos with a powerful and reliable solution.

The BPS M7, the successor to the established BPS 1000, is the new generation of modular banknote processing system raising the benchmark for banknote processing in professional cash centers. The BPS M7 and BPS 1000 are the clear global market leaders with over 1500 installed systems.

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